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K-pop Leaves the Planet Part I - B.A.P
It looks like the hallyu wave has reached orbit... well... at least k-pop auditions have. All of a sudden we have two k-pop groups debuting who apparently weren't born and raised here on earth. XD Yea, ok so the gimmicks have gone through the roof, but as a pro wrestling (WWE) fan and a huge sci-fi fan, I can't say that I'm complaining. What groups am I talking about? Well I'm talking about B.A.P and EXO.

B.A.P which stands for...can you believe this? 


As soon as I heard about them I was thinking about how horrible it would be if this group totally bombed... there's nothing best, absolute, or perfect about that. That teaser came out about a month ago and I was immediately taken aback by all the blonde hair to the extent that I couldn't watch any of the Harry Potter movies without imagining Draco Malfoy breakdancing in a glowing bunny outfit.

As soon as I heard that this was the group that Bang and Zelo would be in (they released a single together and Bang Yong Guk had also done some solo activities beforehand) I was very excited because...well... Zelo is adorable and Bang Yong Guk is bangin! You can check out some of the MV's below:



I must admit that the first time I saw B.A.P's music video (I was watching it with one of my friends) my brain went into overload mode because of all the whistles and lasers and shaky cameras and intense dancing that I was like "MEEP! Does not compute!" But yet I kept replaying this video for three days straight because of it's incredible badassery. ^^ I get excited just thinking about how cool this group's merch will look like...


In between my breaks of trying to dance to this song and attempt imitating Zelo's ultra fast rap, I finally checked out a TV show this group was filming called TA-DAH It's B.A.P! It was then that I learned why B.A.P was so amazing: they're aliens. And to make it even better, Zelo is a robot! Who would've known? It sure made me feel a lot better about him getting shot in the head at the end of their MV.


So even though this entire concept might be a little much, whether or not they keep it up after this initial promotional period or not I don't think I'll get tired of this group anytime in the near future... unless their next song sucks. 



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