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The Recent Drama Llama - JYJ's various issues and other things that happened in Korea
Wow... so there has been a lot of stuff going on... I don't think there have been this many simultaneous controversies happening at one time than back in...October 2009 (also known as the month the boybands died). I'll try to be brief because I have a lot of school work to do. :P

So Block B went to Thailand and while they were there they had an interview where they said some rude things and were acting like crazy teenage boys. Some of the rude things they said had to do with Thailand's recent natural disaster. 2PM's Nickhun tweeted about it then from there it got out of control to the extent that now Zico, the leader of Block B, has shaved off his B.A.P-tastic blonde hair and the entire group is banned from all the music shows bringing a temporary or permanent end to their promotion of "Nalina," the catchiest heavy electronic song I've heard since 2NE1 promoted "I Am The Best" last summer. My thoughts? Yea, Block B was rude and they apologized...more than once actually...but for the public to pull out the "lets make a petition for the death of an artist" card and in many ways blowing the entire situation completely out of proportion is the definition of unnecessary. Anyhow, the damage has been done and hopefully Block B can continue on with their careers.

MBC/ Jenny Hyun
MBC used blackface on one of their shows....again....everyone outside of Korea got pissed off....again.... and MBC's "apology" was basically "We're sorry you didn't get the joke. Next time we'll make sure you don't know it's happening." Meanwhile some random Korean-American songwriter named Jenny Hyun went on a twitter rant which was prompted by some racist comments made about Jeremy Lin by that boxer who did this thing in the WWE a few years ago whose name I forget right now, in summary, basically said "ya know, I think the world would just be a lot better off if all the black people would just disappear." Once again, international k-pop fans were all pissed off but over in Korea everyone was too busy freaking out about Block B to even take notice until a day or so ago and for a hot sec Japan was all like "I told ya so!" My thoughts? Well of course I'm pissed off too. I'm just happy that finally people in Korea are actually aware that we're pissed off and will maybe attempt to somehow manage keeping blackface out of their programming.

Girlfriend Problems
A "mystery ex girlfriend" was caught while trying to release some racy media featuring her "mystery famous ex boyfriend" to the public and somehow everyone jumped to the conclusion that it was Yoochun because of various bits of information that I really didn't have that much time to read. I actually thought the entire ordeal was kinda funny since the girl had already been caught making the potential harm seemingly eliminated. I mean, it's not like Koreans haven't seen pictures of naked people and it's not like a celebrity's popularity would be demolished if naked pictures of them ended up on the internet (unless it had anything to do with homosexuality because it's Korea)...if at all it would probably result in a bunch of waaaay too horny teenage girls but maybe I'm missing a cultural aspect which usually seems to be the case. Anyways, nothing really resulted from this, C-Jes denied the entire rumor, but nevertheless Yoochun's week wasn't over. My thoughts? Pimp Chun! I'm just kidding. I'm happy the stuff wasn't released because private moments like that should not be spread all over the world unless the person wants it to be...if the pictures ever existed in the first place.

Chris Brown But Not Really
So a video of Yoochun slapping a fan and grabbing her hair and shit was released and people got pissed off THEN an audio clip of Jaejoong cursing out a fan was released and people got pissed off again. My thoughts? Yea, it's bad to hit people AND it's also bad that this crazy stalker can culture has been allowed to advance as far as it has, both sides are at fault, and Korea needs to get their shit together before everyone else finds out how messed up somethings are when pertaining to the entertainment industry. If you're a k-pop fan, please don't stalk celebrities and break into their houses and try to kiss them and crash into their cars just so you can catch a glimpse of them because that's just reaaaaaally stupid AND if you don't do any of this then the chances of you getting bitchslapped decrease by 99.995% with a standard deviation of 0.002%.

Guys, gals, you're freaking out right now...seriously. You care for the boys, I care for the boys, but some of the stuff you're trying to do just really isn't helping (like leaving 5 paragraph essay rants underneath all of HoMin's music videos). Raise awareness about stalker fans and let Korea know that the international community is pretty pissed off that this stuff is accepted in the fandom and maybe...eventually they'll hear all of us and make an attempt to put a stop to this type of obsessive behavior....but don't spend all night and day pulling your hair out because you think you're being a bad fan because you're not "there for the boys when they need you" because even if you just happened to be in Seoul...or Chile and had the ability to speak Korean, JYJ still wouldn't want to talk to you because they don't know you AND they'd probably just assume that you're a stalker fan too. Support them like you always have (without stalking them) and hope that everything turns out alright and hope that everyone gets their shit together....yes Cassies, including yourselves. 

Ending Comments
So I hope not too many of you were insulted by anything that I said but odds are you probably were but I'm just tellin' it like it my opinion of course....since it's my blog. :P PEACE. 

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love it^^

Just love it^^

actually I didn't know block B was banned XD now that's explain why I don't see them anymore XD

and those pictures from ex girlfriend thing was actually only topless pics lol

only topless? psssssssh, lame. XD

Yup, that's pretty much a good summary of how the first few months of 2012 shaped up to be in the Kpop world. I'm pretty sure when it comes to culture-wise, it still might be because S. Korea is starting to become globally known. However they still might have that mentality that they're a 'closed' country.
I know that after I read the incidences that happened involving sasaengs, I felt bad as a fan as well especially after JYJ apologized about everything and said that they wouldn't let an outburst like that happen again. But, like you said, I should just keep supporting them like I always have. :3 Here's to hoping that things turn out alright~! \(^o^)/

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